Musica Htet was originally from Yangon and born in Yangon. He studied Contra Bass extended technique and experimental noise music under Brian O’Reilly. Living as a classical recording engineer and Foley artist. He started his first solo noise performance at the Yangon Gallery in 2014. He is now Founder of Noise in Yangon artist community and working hard to develop a better noise scene in Myanmar. Most of his work and researches focus on experimental music scene in South East Asia. His further studies were audio networking and surround mixing system. His first noise track was released in oversea with other South East Asian musician under the album name of “NOT YOUR WORLD MUSIC”.

Crazy Eeels Society (Co-Founder)

Crazy eels society is a drummer and noise musician. Uses DIY instruments and into Harsh Noise, Free improvisations, experimental compositions and weird films.


Formerly trained as a classical pianist but later, during his teenage years, he was attracted to a variety of music genres. At the age of 13, he started to develop his composing skill, while served as a young church pianist in local Christian Community. Age 14, he learned about computer base music programming and started to expand his knowledge on music technology. In 2008, while studying aboard, he was attracted by the term ‘experimental music’ and started his personal research on that category. In 2010, began to work as assistance ‘music & drama’ teacher for 13 months, and in 2011 December, joined the local rock band named ‘The Myth’ as a keyboard player. In 2013, attended a local film and multimedia school named ‘MMDC’ and continued developing his skill mainly on film scoring and sound designing. In 2015, started a personal brand name known as ‘Reynor Music’ and became a full-time music producer


Phyu Hnin Thwin is a classically trained experimental vocalist who is intrigued by the nature of human voice. She grew up singing in the choirs and performing arias or broadway pieces and lived in the world where western classical singing is regarded as the epitome of vocal music. She now disregards this ethnocentric perspective on vocal music. Her passion for experimental singing developed when she started learning and performing traditional Myanmar songs and listening to Indian, Inuit, and Indonesian vocal music. Through self-education, Phyu explores different non-western vocal techniques. She creates her own singing techniques and styles by drawing in various elements from ethnographic and western classical vocal music. Her experimental pieces delivers different narratives of her life, human emotions, and the world we live in. On the other hand, Phyu also stands as an independent singer-songwriter occasionally jamming out in gigs and open mics around Yangon, Myanmar. She now studies anthropology and sociology in the Netherlands and plans to deliver more music to the world in the near future


Pinky is a laid-back and mostly self-taught multi-instrumentalist, originally trained for classical music in her early days. She likes to try out new things, new genres every now and then but mostly absorbed in her own world. As the experimental music scene grows in Yangon, she decided to bring out her violin and challenged herself to experiment different sounds and expressions with it, for she believes the violin can imitate various sounds. She is now a part-time musician/artist and part-time Coordinator at U Thant House Trust as she is passionate about bringing peace within/around her

Vick Low (Singapore)

Vick started off as a cellist, and through his period of education in Lasalle College of the Arts, he developed and worked on his contemporary techniques. Processing his cello through effects brought upon a bigger spectrum of sounds, helping him in composing and sound design. He graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts in 2015, specializing in Music Technology. This catapulted his venture into electronic and abstract composition, and performance.

With his cello, he has performed with various artists from various genres such as Zeeaura, LEW, and Ethel Yap; in hope to experiment with various extended and contemporary techniques to compliment modern day music. Through the past few years, he has played for various theatre shows, poetry, contemporary compositions, in order to experiment and discover ways to create sounds out of a cello.

Tser Htoo

Drummer of Side Effect, music producer at Turning Tables Myanmar. Former vocalist at the band called Temper Level 8 and also a member of Burme'lange. Love to do the strange things and living in the experimental world. Playing on stage with the small synthesizer and Teenage Engineering stuffs.


Born in Yaeoo in Sagaing Division, Myo Min Khin dropped music studies at the University of Culture to join the Forever Group as a systems engineer in 1998. He set up his own animation company Anonymous Motion Art in 2002. A member of YFS since its inception in 2005, Myo Min Khin has since worked on a number of YFS productions as either sound recordist and/or editor. One of Myanmar’s premier workflow specialists for digital editing systems, Myo Min Khin has also taught at YFS workshops. A Talents alumni of Berlinale Talents Campus
from 59 Berlinale Filmfest at 2009. One of the organizer at Wathann Film Festival since 2011. “Everyone can speak“ Video Mapping Art Work in the New Zero International Multimedia Art Festival at the French Institute,November 2012. “Money & Water” installation artwork in I pray therefore I got Bolton Art Event at Yangon, May 2017. Jury member as Human Rights Dignity International Film Festival at 2017. “Tea Shop” Experiment Film in Beyond Narrative section at Wathann Film Fest #7 2017. Beyond the Light was his directorial debut

Jeu Ko San

He has been following music passionately since childhood. In 1996, he collaborated with Iron Cross band and made an album with own-tuned songs. Later on, he studied art and got in touch with Sound Art which he immediately grew passionate about and has tried to create and played. Around 2008/2009, he has collaborated with various international musicians and played at some gigs. He started a band called Burmelange and has been and still active in art movements, collaborating with many artists.